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photo Martin BanksLian-James Consultancy is an analyst resource focussed on studying the impact of cloud infrastructures on business assurance. The infrastructure of cloud computing is considered in its widest sense – whatever contributes to the delivery of services between service providers of all types and service consumers.

Business assurance is considered not just as a reactive requirement but as a proactive objective for maintaining the health and development of businesses.

The company is built around the experience and knowledge of Martin Banks – long-standing journalist, commentator and analyst covering IT and its impact on business since the very beginning of the PC revolution. Before that, he was covering the development of the semiconductor technologies and microprocessors that have made it all possible.

Cloud computing fundamentally changes the dynamics of how businesses use and exploit IT resources, greatly diminishing their need to own the resources, and greatly increasing their opportunities to exploit it. This gives them far wider, richer and more flexible options in generating business assurance through greater operational flexibility, more business agility in the face of continual change, and far better financial management.

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