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Practical bridge building

Practical bridge-building between on-premise and the cloud

The majority of established businesses understand the basic arguments in favour of the cloud and most of them harbour plans to make the move. Their issue is that, while they understand the advantages of being `there’ (operating at an appropriate level in the cloud) and aspire to be `there’, they are currently firmly rooted `here’ (with extensive on-premise legacy infrastructures). The objective is to identify those issues that inhibit the transformation from `here’ to `there’, and those that foster it, identifying the questions that need to be asked by both service provider and consumer, and what the answers mean.

This are also involves looking at the current tendency for service providers – and in particular those coming from the established ranks of leading IT systems vendors – to generate Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt amongst potential cloud users by exploiting tortuous, convoluted and overly technical `jargon’ with which to explain their cloud offerings. It would, therefore, consider the need for a `Plain Language For The Cloud’.

If you are interested in contributing to this area of study, or feel the results could help your business, please contact us.